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Save 20% Off with Code SAVEMORE. FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49^.
The next major factor in hair loss prevention and natural hair growth.

The Next Big Thing In How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally

Yes! It is the biggest mystery all ladies wish to crack. But studies have shown that around 49% of women suffer hair loss throughout their lives - hair in the shower sink, strands of hair in the pillow than the normal, or locks of hair falling while brushing. Unfortunately, there are times when people don't pay much attention to women's hair fall. Instead, they take this more as a male's problem while a third of women are getting affected. But unlike men, women experience thinning of hair next to getting bald.

Sometimes the hair fall goes beyond the natural fall of hair shedding and comes under medical issues. For instance, thinning hair, bald spots on the scalp, or minimal hair growth need special attention. And it results in adopting scarves, wigs, or makeup to cover it.

Hair loss can be scarier than horror movies! Especially when you don't know its causes & remedy. Luckily, there are many natural remedies for women to fight hair loss and regrow them naturally. Or, you can use hair vitamins for women and other organic supplements to prevent hair loss. Doctors can also help you find cause for such hair shedding.

This article will discuss the common causes for hair falling out in clumps and how to mend it - natural ways, lifestyle, hair vitamin gummies supplements, exercises, and many more.

What causes women's immense hair shedding?

There is not just one cause! Sometimes the hair fall happens due to external factors such as medication, surgery, trying different hairstyles, applying chemical shampoo, and many more. But numerous issues can trigger a female's heavy shedding of hair. At the same time, hair loss can happen due to internal problems in your body - genetic sensitivity, androgenic hormones, thyroid, pregnancy, aging, high stress, or an inflammatory condition.

Nevertheless, we have listed some of the common causes of women's hair fall & the list of treatment options to cure your hairline. Or, you can choose to intake hair vitamins for women to fight for your heavy hair shedding.

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin and Minerals are the essential nutrients your body needs for proper functioning. Both these nutrients are vital for average cell growth & function. However, these nutrients might cause hair loss if they are deficient in your body. Not to forget, your nails, as well as skin, also get affected by its deficiency. So, intaking hair vitamins for women might erase your deficiency of nutrients.

On the other hand, Iron helps in hemoglobin production in your body. And it helps in distributing nutrients & oxygen to hair follicles. So, when the body is deficient in Iron - hair growth stops & increases in hair thinning. However, women with heavy periods might get into iron deficiency anemia. So, its always recommended to try some organic supplements like hair vitamin gummies to prevent hair loss & healthy hair follicles.

Other vitamins that might cause hair loss are Vitamin D, Zinc, and Selenium. So, when the body gets deficient in Vitamin D, the hair stops growing or gets thin. However, Zinc deficiency will cause the same way as Iron and might damage the remaining hair - more hair breakage. Selenium deficiency is rare, as studies suggest. But if it occurs, it might disturb thyroid function in your body and cause hair loss.

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormone plays a significant role in immense hair fall for both men & women. However, gummies or nutrient supplements like hair vitamin gummies might come for your rescue. The hormone primarily responsible for hair loss in both men & women is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Both men & women's bodies produce this hormone as a byproduct of testosterone & they need it.

Testosterone is vast in the male's body, and the estrogenic hormone is less. While in women's bodies, there is a large amount of estrogen & progesterone hormone, and a small quantity of testosterone.

However, your body uses testosterone as a forebear for many other hormones. Among the other hormones is DHT, which affects your hairline. Thus, it minimizes the hair follicles, stops hair growth and hair breakage. This type of hair loss often refers to female pattern hair loss (FPHL). And it is considered to be a severe form of hair loss as the hair loss is permanent. However, you can choose to take organic supplements like hair vitamins for women which might boost your new hair growth & healthy hair follicles.

Thyroid - Related Issue

The thyroid plays a vital role in hair regrowth, like regenerating new hair strands at the root and helping the scalp form new hair adequately. However, the two types of thyroid - hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) might cause hair loss. So, if you have low thyroid or hypothyroidism, you might lose hair each day, and there wouldn't be any new hair growth. However, if you can choose to add natural ingredients intact supplements like hair vitamin gummies to promote hair regrowth, healthy scalp, and many more.

Overall, thyroid-related issues will cause hair loss and make it weak, dry, & brittle. Sometimes, it causes a large amount of hair to fall across your entire scalp rather than limiting the hair shedding on your hairline, temples, or crown. But intaking the hair vitamins for women might help you in fighting with the heavy hair loss.

Weight Loss

Looking after your health isn't a bad idea! Thus, losing weight slowly and constantly won't affect your hair, skin, and nails. But rapid losing weight might cause hair shedding. However, your hairline gets affected through telogen effluvium. So, when you go on a diet, you usually start taking fewer calories & micronutrients. Unfortunately, that's the time when it stresses your body and starts with a temporary hair fall. So, its always recommend to take hair vitamin gummies to balance your diet and nutrients intake in your body.

However, low-carb-related hair loss is common among the people who choose supreme restricted diets to fast weight loss. For instance, if you intake fewer calories and exercise more to lose weight, will likely to affect your hairline, nails, and skin.

The low diet hair loss, brittle nail, low- moisture skin isn't permanent! Working on your diet, modifying your habits, and taking proper medications like intaking hair vitamins for women will work with time. In addition, healthy hair growth will restore the hair to normal, grow nails stronger & bigger, and fresh up the skin.


Working long hours in a nerve-racking environment or spending some weeks in a challenging atmosphere in your personal life can take a troll on your hair. Thus, resulting in hair thinning! And this type of hair loss caused due to stress is called telogen effluvium.

The hair shedding under stress isn't permanent, unlike hormonal hair loss. So, taking proper medication or changing your lifestyle can help you regrow your hair naturally like usual. Nowadays, you get so many options in supplements especially in organic. Like hair vitamin gummies which comes with the essential nutrients intact which body needs on such time. But, at the same time, telogen effluvium means thinning the hair around the scalp - more hairs on the pillow than the regular hair fall, hairbrush, or bath sink.

The telogen effluvium puts an impact on your hairline forces your hair into the telogen phase. It is the endmost phase of your hair's growth cycle - hair fall happens without the new hair growth. And the hair shedding happens after two or three months of a changed lifestyle or high-pressure environment.

How to rejuvenate women’s hair growth?

Hair personifies women's overall beauty! So, the goal remains to treat hair thinning and encourage natural ways of hair growth. Usually, the heavy clumps of hair shedding happen due to hormonal imbalance or external factors- stress, diet, or weight loss. And these all factors are treatable with the help of supplements like hair vitamins for women!

However, the first approach to managing hair loss is understanding its underlying reason. There are always home remedies for hair growth and thickness to promote healthy hair growth naturally. However, if you feel your hair looks thinner than expected, the best way is to get a cure beforehand. Consult a dermatologist and discuss your issues - symptoms and health history. And get yourself cured or diagnosed.

You can also try easy remedies on your own if the problem of hair fall isn't too serious. Like intaking hair vitamin gummies for natural ways of hair growth & prevents hair from shedding. However, we have listed some natural ways to cure your hair by naturally thinning or regrowth the hair.


Massaging on hair is never No! Studies have found that massaging the scalp once or twice a week enhances your hair thickness & regrow hair naturally. Hair or scalp massaging is done in conjunction with hair oils & masks to stimulate the scalp. On the other hand, opting for hair vitamins for women to work for your body from inside.

Moreover, the stretch during the massage restores the natural ways of hair regrowth & thickness. And it happens due to the dermal papilla cells located in the bottom of the hair follicle, which play a vital role in new hair growth and regrowth cycle. It also helps in proper blood flow and a healthy scalp.

You can even take out your time every day to massage your scalp. Thus, it will reduce stress & tension if you are going through any of those. And this is primarily the reason for hair thickness. However, massage your scalp with fingertips rather than fingernails, as this might injure your scalp. And try to make a move across your scalp in small circles from light to medium pressure to prevent hair loss. Or, you can always choose to take hair vitamin gummies for immediate results in your hair, skin, and nails nourishment.

Applying Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that enter inside the hair shaft and minimize the protein loss from your hair. In addition, however, coconut oil enriches the scalp's microbiome by massaging the scalp and all hairs. Thus, making the scalp and hair follicles healthier and stronger. So, if your hair is dry and frizzy, then you can go for leave-in treatment.

However, no such studies prove coconut oil as the booster of hair growth. But studies have proved that it lubricates the hair shaft and prevents hair breakage. However, you can always rely on hair vitamins for women supplements if nothing works for you.

Choosing Hair Loss Shampoo

Not all shampoos are going to work for you! For example, there is chemical formula shampoo in the market, and natural ingredients packed shampoo in the market. So, some of the chemical formula shampoos clogged the scalp's pores, resulting in mild hair loss. However, with the use of natural or medicated shampoo, you can treat your infected scalp and prevent hair loss issues. It helps in unclogging the pores from the dead skin cells. And results in promoting good and healthy hair! Its never a bad idea to take organic supplements like hair vitamin gummies along with medicated shampoo to fight for your hair loss & expect for healthy hair naturally.

Intaking Proper Nutrition & Supplements

Proper intake of nutrients is highly essential for your whole body. Hair, skin, nails are some of the parts of the body which indicate its deficiency. Eventually, not taking proper vitamins might affect your other body parts - organ failure, heart disease, joint problem, and many other diseases.

So, if your hair loss happens to be due to iron deficiency, then you can add more Protein, Iron, and other essential nutrients to your diet. And these nutrients are essential for your optimal hair regrowth, stronger, more hairs on the loose hairline, dry skin, brittle nails, etc.

If proper intake of nutrients isn't sufficient for the body, then you need to take supplements. Try to look for hair vitamin gummies supplements that provide sufficient nutrients your body needs for proper functioning. In addition, it tastes excellent and is chewable.

There are many nutrient supplements companies that come with natural ingredients and chemical formulation. Thus, you get proper nutrients and health, which your body needs. But for healthy hair, skin and strong nails, you can choose to take organic supplements - hair vitamins for women which covers you fully.

Changing Lifestyle

Stress occurrence for various reasons is the leading cause of hair loss, sometimes excessive hair loss. And the only solution is to change your lifestyle to get rid of stress levels.

For instance, your professional life might revolve around long hours, hard decisions, stressful environments. Thus, changing the work strategy or looking for a new opportunity can reduce your stress level. However, when things remain stagnant there comes a point you tend to lose your hair due to death, breakup, or job loss which ultimately results in too much hair loss & premature balding. Thus, you start getting hair shedding. But as you work on them and let the nerve-racking events pass, you start getting new hair growth. You can also choose to take supplements like hair vitamin gummies to maintain the nutrients level in your body.

Other changes in your lifestyle are lowering the consumption of caffeine, nicotine, and so on. You should also exercise daily, meditate, take a frequent break from your work to clear your mind, read books, etc. can help you in reducing stress.


If the natural remedies for hair regrowth to fight hair shedding didn't work for you, then you need to consult your physician immediately. It can be the cause of serious illness taking birth inside your body. In addition, there are changes you might have to go through a hair transplant to replace your lost hair. You can also go for hair vitamins for women supplements to give it a try to do wonders for your hairs, skin, and nails.

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