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What caused my stomach to bloat? Discover the most effective treatment options

Why Did My Stomach Bloat? Know The Best Ways To Get Cure

Right now, there are millions of people living in uncomfortable conditions. Can you relate? You may be experiencing stomach ache, pain from eating certain foods, or embarrassment from flatulence symptoms. Some of you might have even experienced a painful swelling in your stomach that affects your ability to wear your regular clothes comfortably or goes away after eating particular foods. Then, you can think of intaking water away supplement to relieve bloating.

Primarily, it is digestive-related, but sometimes it may be due to other external factors that we've explained before. Besides, it happens because you lack control over the right advice on what foods to eat and when. But bloating manifests itself in various different forms - some are more common than others! Regardless of which kind of bloating problem you have, rest assured that the problem gets cured with the correct help and support. Especially from those who understand how difficult these problems can be to deal with no matter how good a shape someone is in! So, proper food and medication like intaking water away supplements need to be prioritized.

So, below we will be discussing more bloating, like signs of it, bloated stomach remedies or what it is exactly. Can water away supplements help you get rid of bloating & water retention? For all the exciting queries, keep reading till the end of this article to understand the same better.

What is a bloated stomach?

A bloated stomach can be described as a feeling of tightness, pressure, pain or fullness in the belly area. It is primarily a feeling of near-constant fullness or pressure in your belly. Sometimes, this feeling can also be accompanied by a visibly distended abdomen, though not at all times. This feeling can range from being slightly uncomfortable to being intensely painful and typically will last for some time before subsiding on its own. However, consuming water away supplements and nutritional food can help you remove bloating from your body, although not altogether.

However, there are other causes than just nature that could be the source of these feelings, and one should seek medical help to determine a different cause. Or, choose to have water away supplements and proper food to check on bloating or water retention from the body. If it doesn't get cured or they do not pass on their own over time.

According to recent studies, almost 10 - 20% of healthy people complain about abdominal bloating. However, around 75% of people have discussed their moderate to severe symptoms. And almost 10% of people have complained of experiencing such bloating regularly. Besides, 90% of people among them are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, almost 75% of women suffer bloating before or during their menstruation. And only 50% of people complain of bloating and distended abdomen. However, intaking water away supplements with food might give you slight relief from bloating.

In simple words, a bloated abdomen feels full from the inside, tight and sometimes painful. Do you know, you can feel bloated even if you don't have a distended abdomen? Yes! You heard right. Stomach bloating is nothing but a digestive issue that occurs through hormone imbalance. Sometimes, stress plays a significant role in bloating of the stomach & water retention in your body. And then you might be suffering from underlying medical issues & need immediate consultation with a doctor. However, you can try consuming water away supplements along with food & regular exercise to alleviate bloating or can take as bloated stomach remedies.

Why did my stomach bloat often?

Generally, bloating is a common problem experienced by those who wear trousers. A feeling of tightness can cause intense pressure on your stomach, which can vary depending upon the severity of the ailment. You can say, tight clothing is found to be the primary culprit! Tight elastic bands and buttons, leather belts, or other causes such as starting up a new business and being overly stressed about it can trigger tightness around the stomach area. However, regular exercise, proper diet, and taking supplements like water away supplements and food can help you out. 

So, you can combat this by not wearing jeans tops or bottoms that are too tight-fitting above your waist, loosening up your core garments (tie etc.) if you find yourself experiencing tension within this region. Applying medication directly administered on the affected area combined with warm water compresses will help relieve pain from all sensation overload. Minor headaches and nasal congestion cause that. Additionally, ingesting food that is high in liquid content eases bloating for anyone suffering from this condition. If nothing works for you, you can think of taking supplements like water away supplements and food to get relief.

However, studies have found that the common cause of stomach pain or bloating happens due to excess intestinal gas. So, if you observe yourself, you might know precisely when you feel a bloated stomach - every time or after eating or during the menstruation cycle. If you face a bloated stomach after eating food, you might have digestive issues. However, the issue arises while eating too fast, too much, food intolerance or other conditions which cause gas & digestive issues to build up. You can always think of consuming water away supplements, and food to fight stomach bloating.

Another factor that causes stomach bloating might be the menstrual cycle for women, which causes temporary bloating. And it sometimes remains bloated till the end of the cycle. However, it is recommended not to intake water away supplements during that period. Sometimes, a bloated stomach also means a severe medical condition & needs immediate doctor consultation.

Now, as you get to know about the common factors of stomach bloating or what are the bloated stomach remedies, exactly. So, below we will discuss the possible causes of stomach bloating in detail. And how intaking water away supplements and food might help you get rid of bloating.

What causes bloating in the stomach?

Several factors cause bloating in your stomach, but sometimes it varies. Therefore, you face all discomfort, stomach ache, feeling heavy etc. So, here we are going to discuss the primary cause of bloating and what are the bloated stomach remedies. While one of them is intaking water away supplements, and food plus exercising daily. Know more below -


Gas is a natural byproduct of digestion. But too much means you should take something to expel it from your body. Luckily, most of the gasses you ingest escape after being swallowed or burped up, so they do not reach your intestines. However, the source of intestinal gas is bacteria digesting carbohydrates. And it tends to create methane due to its fermentation and subsequent breakdown process. However, you can always try water away supplements and food to get better results.

Get relief from gastric problem

For instance, if your bread is turning out a little crusty, that might be because there is too much fermenting going on in your gut. Yet again, this could be for excellent reasons and not necessarily anything to worry about, like you may have just eaten more than your stomach was used to handling at one time. But if there's too much fermentation without any control being exerted over it, it could lead to more significant problems. It can be due to food intolerances or severe conditions like a GI disorder. Then, you can take the help of the water away supplement if it works for you!

For example, if a beer is too bitter, there could be too much maltose left over after fermentation. This happened because there wasn't enough natural enzyme activity in the intestines to break down certain starches and other raw carbohydrate sources before reaching the stomach. Again, this might be due to several factors. For example, you might have had too large a meal with too many carbohydrates at one sitting or through your diet overall. It could also simply be that you have some intolerance or gastrointestinal condition like celiac disease. And choosing water away supplements that cleanse the whole body, flush out the excess water from your system, and relieve your upset stomach. 

Hormonal change

Can hormonal changes cause abdominal pain

Do you know the connection between your digestive and menstrual cycles? Many women are unaware of it. Though it's not exactly a secret, most doctors will talk to new female patients about this issue at some point in their lives. So many female patients bring up this subject with their doctors because they experience abdominal bloating monthly before and during their menstrual periods. It seems too obvious to say that the menstrual cycle causes bloating in the lower abdomen area. And you can choose water away supplements to get help but it won’t be helpful during this phase. 

Female hormones play a part in abdominal bloating. They can affect fluid retention levels in our bodies and other things regarding digestion such as gas or digestive back-up. Besides, it happens due to hormonal shifts causing spasms of the colon, causing bloating to occur more frequently. However, you can choose water away supplements to support water retention from the body. But it is usually recommended not to intake any supplements or medicines during such periods. 

However, studies have found that as many as three-fourths of women observed that they've experienced bloating from the time of their period. During perimenopause, it is also common for hormonal fluctuations to occur, leading to multiple problems, one being bloating. There are many ways female hormones can influence stomach bloating, mainly having to do with fluids and bloating. But also sensitivity to those things as a woman who goes through her cycle every month. Or they may be more prone to feeling bloated when the time comes than an individual who doesn't get periods anymore after a certain age. In such conditions, you might think of intaking water away supplements to get relief. But if you choose other ways too, it will work.

Bloating comes and goes usually happens due to gastrointestinal issues or hormones. But if it doesn't go away after some time too, and you feel fever or pukish, then you face severe health issues. Thus, you need to consult a doctor immediately. However, if you face such bloating often & get over it after some time, you can try medications to get relief from that or you can say bloated stomach remedies. Then, you should try water away supplements from Nature's Clear. It is one of the best supplements to cure water retention & bloating.

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