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Nature’s Clear Krill Oil | With EPA, DHA, Omega -3,6, 9| Made in FDA Facility & GMP Certified Supplement | 60 Capsules (Pack of 2)

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  • Nature’s Clear Krill Oil - The krill oil supplements provides an optimal combination of pure organic ingredients with quality nutrients. Thus, it promotes good health of the brain, memory, heart, and joints. Besides, it protects your body's cells from radicals, smooth absorption of nutrients, and many more. Both men & women can take this supplement for their overall health.
  • Extra Strength Formula - Krill oil is one of the Omega -3 fatty acids, which is highly beneficial for your body. It promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, regulates inflammation, and overall health. Besides, these nutrients support skin, brain, and joint health. EPA & DHA are the other two Omega-3 fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation, lower the risk of heart diseases, and support eye health & brain function. Besides, these fatty acids help improve your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), reduce inflammation, muscle recovery after exercise, and many more. Phospholipids promote healthy brain & heart function, support healthy liver & lung function, boost gut health, and many more. Omega- 6 along with Omega-3, plays a vital role in healthy brain function and normal growth & development of the body. Besides, these fatty acids restore skin and hair growth, regulate metabolism, promote bone health, and lots more. Thus, the krill oil pills support your overall health.
  • How To Consume - For adults, 1 soft gel of krill oil supplements needs to be taken along with meals. Or, as suggested by the healthcare professionals for the same.
  • Power-Packed Ingredients - The krill oil supplements have a scientifically proven formula to ensure purity and safety. Thus, it contains some potent nutrients like Astaxanthin, Phospholipids, Krill oil, EPA & DHA, part of Omega-3 fatty acids, and Omega- 6 & 9. Thus, it promotes cardiovascular function, strong joint mobility, brain health, and overall health.
  • Peace of Mind - Our love for nature and commitment to our customers is visible through our products' quality. All our products strictly adhere to GMP & are made under the FDA inspection facility. That means what you read on the product label and get inside the bottle.



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